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Rustic Roots has a small team also known as the "Rustic Roots Family".  Each of our members brings something special and unique to your favorite downtown Turlock store:

  • Jeff McGee is our head painter.  Jeff has been with Rustic Roots for 7 years and is behind much of the magical transformations you see in kitchen cabinets and furniture.

  • Laura Roots Spence is the store manager also lovingly known as the "Tag Nazi".  Laura has been working with sister Jenny for the last 2 years, doing the behind the scenes stuff like "tagging" all the furniture and décor.

  • Sergio Escudero is a painter for Rustic Roots.  Sergio is always ready to help where we need him. He has been with Rustic Roots for a year now and has adapted nicely into the RR Family.

Michelle Salmeri When the chips are down and the need is great...Michelle jumps into action to takes the burden off the rest of us. Michelle has been with RR for a year and has been a great addition to the RR Family!

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