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Rustic Roots has a small team also known as the "Rustic Roots Family".  Each of our members brings something special and unique to your favorite downtown Turlock store:

  • Jeff McGee is our head painter.  Jeff has been with Rustic Roots for 7 years and is behind much of the magical transformations you see in kitchen cabinets and furniture.

  • Laura Roots Spence is the store manager also lovingly known as the "Tag Nazi".  Laura has been working with sister Jenny for the last 2 years, doing the behind the scenes stuff like "tagging" all the furniture and décor.

  • Brooklynn  Rustic Roots staff is all about "family". so in the true spirit of our store's legacy you'll frequently see Jenny's daughter pitching in as needed.  Brooke is already an amazing artist and has her Mom's eye for design and style.

  • Dustin is our newest employee and such a team player!  Dustin does a little bit of everything here at the store and is always willing to help.  Next chapter for Dustin...apprentice painter!

  • Indy Moorehead has returned to work for us working with Jeff, transforming cabinets from drab to fab!

  • Ron David has joined the Rustic Roots team.

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