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Hello, I'm Jenny!

First off thanks for visiting our site!

My name is Jennifer Roots-Sousa, my friends and family call me Jenny. I'm a mother of two beautiful children and wife to my handsome husband and love of my life,  Joshua Sousa.

I, like many kids thought I was going to be an artist when I grew up. I was told I took after my grandfather, Tom Smith Roots, who was an Artist, and a good one at that! He specialized in Pulp Art. Like many, I spent years in college and I took several art classes along the way, but I just couldn't settle on a career that I imagined doing day after day. I needed to be challenged yet have fun! 

I was working at a local restaurant when I started to notice that rustic furniture was becoming quite the new trend. Some of it was pretty, and well, some, not so much (in my opinion of course). I kept hearing in my head a quote over and over, "Find something you love to do and then find a way to make money doing it!" That quote was by my granddaddy, Charles Garrett. I sure loved him... I decided to take that great advice and take a risk!


I was going to be an Artist but not in the traditional, conventional way I had imagined - in a more hands on sorta way combined with painting, building and just creating! I strived to combine rustic with elegance and to definitely mix in QUALITY! I noticed there was not a lot of emphasis on quality with this new trend, so I wanted to change that! I wanted to think like a contractor and an Artist all mixed into one. So I sent myself to Contractors school! 

My dad and mom, Charles and Isaura Roots, are the hardest workers I know. They have taught me to have Faith, work hard, be driven, always be willing to take constructive criticism, be willing to learn new things and above all, they believed in me even when others doubted this new adventure.

I decided to put my own twist on this new, "rustic furniture trend," by using my God-given artistic ability along with my hands on skills my parents taught me, and create rustic but elegant pieces. And there you go, Rustic Roots was born!

I hope you enjoy the store and please be sure to visit some of the other local businesses around us! Turlock has a wonderful downtown and a lot of local talent to see!

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